Gangster ScarfHalloween is that time of the year when people decide to cut loose and celebrate with lots of colorful and fun costumes. This festival is celebrated on the 31st of October every year in the United States and many other parts of the world.

Some of the popular costumes people choose to wear range from the usual variety of superhero outfits to the strange and bizarre voodoo outfits.

If you wish to recreate more of a retro feel to your costume, you could consider buying an outfit which is more reminiscent of the gangster era. You can choose from a variety of options available on this website.

Gangster CostumeA Gatsby costume is a perfect example of such a costume and you can buy them now and get several special discounts!

Typically a Gatsby costume is preferred by a lot of men who wish to dress up in a macho gangster role and there’s nothing that says gangster like a white pinstripe suit complete with a fedora hat.

Wear your Mafioso outfit and look smooth and intimidating at the same time with this very cool costume.

The basic costume comes with a white pinstripe jacket and matching trousers along with a black tie.

You can buy a hat separately to complete your 1920’s look.

This funky costume is now available for purchase with a very attractive discount as it is in clearance.

Perhaps you are a couple who are going to a Halloween party.

If your man is wearing something like the above mentioned outfit perhaps you can buy a Gatsby Girl Flapper costume.

Gatsby Girl Flapper CostumeThere are several options on the website but we will look at a couple of the more popular female outfits.

The first one is a shiny and shimmering silver costume which is very much like something that a gangster’s moll would wear back in those days.

This is a very sexy look with a silver sequined dress, headband and elbow length gloves which complete the effect.

You will look very glamorous and turn heads at the party.

This silver dress is available to buy in a variety of sized from Small-Medium to X-Large.

A shorter dress is available in a similar costume: Toe Tappin’ Flappa Adult Costume.

Jazz Singer Adult CostumeThe other Gatsby costume you might consider buying is that of a Jazz Singer.

This outfit is much like the ones worn by those glamorous and classy singers in the jazz clubs of old.

The stretched knit dress is entirely in black with tiered fringe and a neckline trim which is beaded.

To add that dash of glamour which every old time singer had, a black feathered boa is included in the outfit.

Also, part of the accessories is a black choker to show just that hint of naughtiness.

This costume is also available in a range of sizes.

Find out more about the All That Jazz Adult Costume.

The kind of outfits mentioned above gives an indication of just how much fun the celebration of Halloween can be.

People usually throw parties in their homes on this occasion and there are many group activities with trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving being on top of the list.

Ladies can don a Flapper look (you can dance the Charleston?) and guys can go as an Al Capone gangster and pretend they’re part of the Mafia.

So if you haven’t done it before, get into the gangster spirit this Halloween with the fantastic range of Great Gatsby costumes.

The Roaring Twenties was a very stylish period and full of color, excitement and danger. The Flapper was born: a woman who drank, danced and was able to vote. She was a party-animal who wore makeup and cut her hair (I know – how outrageous!). She flirted with danger.